"Pronto Turismo" is a cooperative society which has available many young members, who have specifie didactive titles and relieble professional experience to supply assistance with Hosteses and Stewards, simultaneaus translations and interpreters, both in italian language, and in foreys languages as English, French, German, Spanish, Ruman, polish and so on… in oder to meet our client’s demandes. Thanks tothe professional skills of our members and the possession of advanced techical equipment (simultaneous translations rooms, mixer and car phones for 200 people) several time this society has been involved in international manifestations; organizing on behalfy of public and private companies meetings, exhiditions and fairs. Among the most important manifestations organized from this society we recall: in International Horse-Show yearly organized by A.A.P.I.T.T of Catania (Autonomous Provincial of Company Touristic Increase); the meeting with the Russians delegation at the Regional Province of Catania; the National Congress of A.N.D.E (National Association of Women Electors); C.I.M.O National Congress; the first, second and thirol Inter-Regional Congress Sicilia-Calabria of F.N.A.A.R.C; the national Congress of A.Ge.Mo.S. (General Assoneros of Stores of Sale of State Monopolies) Furthermore, thasks to the perfect logistifical

Research, design and implementation of events

Analysis of operational processes

Assistance and coaching in project implementation

Congress Services

The Pronto Turismo thanks to the experience gained over the years, is able to offer highly qualified services and assistance, organization of events at local, regional, national and / or international.


The Pronto Turismo offers an excellent training center, equipped with classrooms and multimedia. Making use of members and employees, holding licenses specific teaching and high professional experience, is able to plan, organize and manage the training, especially in the areas of tourism, multimedia and computer literacy and language, the update continuing education, distance learning, training of trainers, guidance and counseling, individual and group, the "follow-up", the managerial and entrepreneurial training.



From birth to now, this company has made numerous expressions of interest in the local, national and international, always getting flattering praise and expressions of esteem and appreciation. Among the most important events organized by this company include



The Pronto Turismo has been entrusted to major public contracts. Among these it is reported: